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Green air conditioning reveals humanized design
Published : 2013/1/25  【Close window 】

It is very difficult to satisfy the buyers until the air conditioners to be designed nice in appearance, practical in

operation and healthy for the people.

As a professional air conditioning manufacturing factory, we strive for perfection in the technology , application for

the people and reveal humanized mature comprehensively.

For the appearance , the most popular convex casing with big arc is adopted for free-standing type air conditioner. LED display is inserted in the panel, noble, luxurious and  modern ; Split type is circular flow line shaped, thin and smart ; Colored line inserted in the window type casing ,small and nice.

And also we have many other air conditioning series, unique

designed with very beautiful impressions


In the practical aspects , the new designed air in and outlet

makes air flow more quick and faraway by larger diameter centrifugal rotor; the room temperature is auto-adjusted

by intelligent control technology to keep the comfortable condition for the people’s health. All the operation modes are controlled by very convenient remote hand-set.

Cooling capacity is increased by dynamic intelligent defrosting technology; simulation design technology in refrigeration system and world famous compressor adopted .


Enjoy  and satisfy unlimited by selecting AIRGREEN air conditioning.

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